Friday, 13 June 2008

Something for the kids

Coming back to Corfu has been a trip down memory lane. We came here several times when our kids were young. Alexis, Mikis, Sonia, Jo, Jenny, Matthew, Laura, and Dominic will remember those long summer holidays in Liapades -still a lovely place. Corfu was the home of another family, called the Durrells, a long time ago. The mother brought her three children here after their father died, and one of the boys, Gerald Durrell ,wrote a lovely book for children called 'My family and other animals'.

There's a very funny story in the book. The family have just arrived in Corfu, and went to a hotel. While they are having dinner, Gerald's sister, Margot, says that she's just been to the loo and found that the hotel keeps its toilet paper in a basket, instead of on a roll. The others tell her that the basket is for the dirty, used toilet paper . Margot is horrified (she's a fastidious girl) and she rushes back to the bathroom to scrub her hands..... and after all these years nothing has changed. There is still a little bin in every toilet in Corfu.


Sonia said...

Sabrina, I remember you telling me the loo paper story so vividly when we wete in Corfu 1983.

It was Fathers Day yesterday and I thought of you Andy, my surrogate Dad.

Lots of love, Sonia xxxxx

Mikis said...

Happy fathers day Papous!!! Love you lots and am looking forward to your return... Mikis. (1 week to go till the end of the 7407)

Myron says "You are going to be really shocked because we are going to make a new city in our new home and our old home made of; Paper, lego and hornby and is going to have a lever which is really really really really long because thats how they build it and this tunnel is not going to be really dirty like the other one, Its going to be as clean as a whistle. I heard you did a good deed and there is going to be lots of intercity 125's, red ones purple ones, white ones some of them them broken down and some that have crashed into cars some of them are going to be black, yellow black, yellow black, yellow black,(ahhh Melissa shutup!!) if your lucky there might be some secret underground tunnels ohhh not the earth ones and there might be a shed outside our house and ther will be buttons and levers. It's a signal box with buttons and levers and a little chair for me and it's very important (I do not want any bumps in the line) if anything goes wrong I'll come and teach you how to do it OK The End. I love you Papous and Yaya... Did you enjoy that?? thank you but don't forget to pack your suitcases.... Love Myron"

Melissa says "Dear Papous and yaiya... Its almost the carnival... It's this week and your going to miss it. This year I hope it's going to be better. I really miss you because your my only Papous & Yaiya and I hope you dont get bit by a mosquito or stung by a jelly fish (or eaten by sharks myron says) Myron is being a real pest but I love him!! HE IS THE SOUL IN MY HEART!! I really hope you are back soon because I really really really really really really really really really really really really miss you and I am looking forward to seeing you and auntie Jane. I am being a good girl and by the way , did I tell you that I got a 2a in my sats and I am really proud of myself. I am playing with all the toys you have got me and all the pictures and glass you got me too.. like the toys from egypt... na na na naaaaa, na na na naaaaa... I'm looking forward to seeing Katarina.. Wow hasn't she grown since last year!! bye bye Papus and Yaya. I love you lots... Melissa