Sunday, 6 April 2008

Setting Up the Blog and ready to go!

Just set our blog up for all our friends who want to waste their time to follow our Odyssey!

We are leaving for Istanbul on 17th of April 2008 and will be following Odysseas journey from Troy to Ithaca. It took him roughly 10 years but hope to do it in less than three months travelling mainly by ferries.

We are getting very excited and would like to share some of this with you.


Jen said...

Hey A&S

Welcome to the Blogosphere....

Looking forward to reading about your antics.


Doreen said...

Hi Sabrina

Back from Guyana. Please keep me posted of possible meet up.

Take care!
Bon Voyage to you both


The other S and A said...

Hey S and A,

This blogging business is great. Can't wait to hear all your tales.

Love from the other S and A xx

anthony said...

tony & stella wish you a good trip